What is Intensive Therapy ?

The traditional model of weekly psychotherapy is shifting to meet client needs. Intensive treatments are personalised treatment plans that are designed to support your preferred schedule and cut out the time normally needed for beginning and endings sessions. Therefore, only a fraction of the total treatment time is required.

EMDR Intensive Therapy

EMDR is designed for overcoming stressful experiences. You can target a one-off highly traumatic event or some embedded memories of smaller traumas, which can be the basis of your depression, anxiety, relationship challenges, phobias, fears, or performance issues.

Compelling Economy of an Intensive Retreat

Healing in Days: Make a lasting change by dedicating 1-4 days to focus on healing, growth and connection.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Full-day Intensives = $12,000.00HKD
  • Half-day Intensives = $6,000.00HKD
  • Full day intensives take between 1-4 days. Typically will begin round 9am and last till bout 5pm. with several organic breaks in between ( a total of 6 hours therapy)  through the day. 
  • Intensives are highly focused, but also very flexible depending on the individual needs of each client.

First, schedule a 20mins, free phone consultation. Consultations are NOT therapy. They are meant to check if you are suitable for the programme and to answer your questions. 

  • I suggest to treat the days surrounding intensive sessions like a personal retreat. It is a time to really focus on healing themselves. 
  • You can schedule self care activities around it such as yoga, some exercise or to get a massage.